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100% Return-Guarantee in 14 Days! 
SILVER'N GRACE said, We Don’t Mind, If You Change Your Mind! 
We just want to see Happy Customers!
Please be rest assured, that we have perfect arrangement in good returns.
For whatever reasons, if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase received, simply write
us email at [email protected] as registration within 14 days after goods receipt, and arrange
returns to us within 21 days after registration.  By stating your discontent or other comments in
your registration email, we may improve our products and services continuously.  After receipt of
your returns, we will deposit the refund into your account, and you may purchase other items again.
For the postage fee paid at your side when you return the items, it will be reimbursed into your
account.  So you may please enjoy the online shopping with SILVER'N GRACE.

Other reminders:

 - Delivery confirmation has to be submitted via email (by scanned, photo-shot, or copied format, etc.),
   for postage fee reimbursement claimed.

 - Postage fee reimbursement at maximum USD 2.00 per item (or equivalent to current value of other

 - Refund and postage fee will be reimbursed into your account, within 24 hours after receipt of goods
   return.  Refund will be reimbursed in the same currency during your payment in the transaction, while
   the postage fee will also be reimbursed in this currency.

 - After the refund reimbursed into your account, you have to use all the respective refund in one single
   transaction within 30 days, or else forfeited when expired. When you select your items, you may
   select any item of the same price, or higher-price items at counterpoise of the price difference. 
   No remainder will be refunded.

 - "100% Return-Guarantee" can be exercised once only.  We are pleased to accept your return for the
   second time, if the reason for return is related to product quality issue, however only the same item
   can be replaced.

 - Subject to the concerned returns, “Grace-Points” derived from the respective transaction will be
   withdrawn, while the “Grace-Points” consumed for the respective transaction will be deposited back
   to your account.